2018 Canada / New England group photo
2018 Canada / New England group photo
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A Diary & Photos for our 2022 Cruise - Alaska!

Below is some information on where the 2022 Spirit of the West Cruise is going. We hope you enjoy the diary as we head to Alaska. See the map below (or scroll down). We will sail on Holland America's "Koningsdam" - below is a photo showing what she looks like.

See the map below (or scroll down).
Go to the Itinerary below (or scroll down).

Billie and Hugh
on holiday! Billie and Hugh on holiday
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Holland America's Koningsdam We will sail on Holland America's Koningsdam

Holland America's "Koningsdam"

Diary for June 15th to June 25th, 2022

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June 16th

Food's all ready ... waiting for the bus

The bus arrived but so did the rain

Sun Peaks Grand Hotel ... Nice!!

Beautiful view from the hotel

June 17th & 18th

Jill, this one's for you ...

Loading for Vancouver

A great nurse doing the covid test

and Everyone! passed ... yeah!!

Vancouver, BC and just about to board

Koningsdam ready for us

but 1st "Fly Over Canada" Amazing!

Onboard & Mark welcomes everyone

June 18th
We're all onboard (43 of us) and at 4:00 PM we set sail. At 4:30 Jim and Karen bought drinks for all at the Welcome Reception and Mark started his new roll trying to fill in for Hugh (our Canadian Government used Canada Post to send them their passports and they never arrived). Mark welcomed everyone, talked about some important dates and group get-togethers, and played the group slideshow. He then announced next year's cruise ...

and ... it's a full transit, West to East, of the Panama Canal, on the Emerald Princess - January 16th to February 1st. Starting in LA and ending in Fort Lauderdale with visits to six different countries! And a private group Cattle Ranch Tour in Costa Rica!

See all the details on Hugh's website, www.hugh-mclennan.com, or call Cruise Vacations of Winnipeg at: 1-800-530-0131 and ask Megan for the details!   OR see the Flyer here!

June 19th

Kathy & Karen in a camera war

Mark calling up entertainers

Karen & Mark enjoying the show

This is our kinda ship!

June 20th

Juneau - water below mountains above

a great view from the gondola

Jill another one for you

the same as a Red Tail Hawk

June 20th & 21st

They saw one of us coming ...

and she ate the WHOLE thing!

on the White Pass Rail

an amazing experience with our group

June 21st

way up at the top

and now back in Skagway

inside the wine cooler!

Khay showing us her favourite wine

June 21st we had dinner in Pinnacle, the steak house, and we met the Sommelier (she came looking for the table that had ordered a bottle of "Sextant" a red Zinfandel from California). Kathy took the photo of the wine tower a couple of days ago and it was impressive. We never dreamt we'd get inside it :-). After dinner Khay said we could take her picture at the wine tower ... we presumed outside. She said "no no ... come with me" and led us inside ... super impressed. We do know the right people to talk to !!

June 21st & 22nd

Here's the rose rack Jill

Khay, Mark's new favourite girl :-)

Breakfast with a super glacier view

cruising Glacier Bay

June 22nd

textures, colours, & sounds ...

the Grand Pacific Glacier

Margerie Glacier - masssive

layers & layers of moving ice

Kathy organizing for the group photo

a ship's photographer group photo

Mark ready for formal night

Kathy getting mauled in Ketchikan

June 23rd

the Aleutian Ballad

great viewing of the working deck

Mark checking out the bow

an Alaskan King Crab

June 23rd This was an excursion that Kathy booked for Jim & Karen and us from Holland America ... absolutely worth the money! It was awesome! It was a Bering Sea Crab Fishing Tour on the Aleutian Ballad which used to be on the TV series "Deadliest Catch". We saw, and learned all about, prawn trapping, bottom fishing, crabbing, different types of crabs, fish, prawns, shrimp, and Octopus! Everything was returned to the ocean! And ... the eagle part was worth the money by itself!

Click here to see Karen's slow motion video.
Or click here to see Karen's other real time video.

everything was displayd to us

See Karen's eagle video above

Jill these are all for you

bringing in a prawn trap

prawns (they were released)

after we got a close look

hauling in a crab trap

with a ton of box crabs

deck hand checking out the catch

hauling in a different trap ...

... with an octopus!

Mark got a special tour :-)

and so did Kathy :-)

then they took this of us!!

Mark got Hugh to join on Duo

Kathy caught the sunset !

Kathy & Karen at the farewell

and the next day into Vancouver



For more photos see Hugh McLannan's website diary page at: www.hugh-mclennan.com.

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The 2022 Spirit of the West Cruise.




Itinerary (times are tentative)

Day 1

June 15th

Fly to Kelowna

Transfer to hotel

Day 2

June 16th

McLennan Ranch and Sun Peaks

Coach to McLennan Ranch for the day then Sun Peaks

Day 3

June 17th

bus tour Sun Peaks to Vancouver via Fraser Canyon

Hotel in Vancouver

Day 4

June 18th


Board the Koningsdam set sail 4:30 pm

Day 5

June 19th

At Sea

Scenic Cruising The Inside Passage

Day 6

June 20th

At sea and Juneau

Tracy Arm Inlet / Juneau Alaska

Day 7

June 21st

Skagway, Alaska

7:00 am to 8:00 pm

Day 8

June 22nd

at sea & Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Day 9

June 23rd

Ketchikan, Alaska

11:00 am to 7:00 pm

Day 10

June 24th

At Sea

Scenic Cruising The Inside Passage

Day 11

June 25th


everyone heads home

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Here is a map - showing the Alaska cruise stops. Click to enlarge.

2019 Group T-Shirt
2019 Group T-Shirt
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2022 Alaska
2022 Cruise - Alaska!
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2018 Group selfie by Jim (L to R)
Jim, Karen, Mark, Billie, Kathy & Hugh 2018 Group selfie by Jim in a Light house on PEI
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